Hello! I am Hayley.

Version 2My work, ‘Integrative Embodiment’ is a fusion of embodied yoga with the somatic arts. It integrates relational somatic enquiries with embodied resourcing tools through Emergent Movement, Embodied Relaxation, Voice and Relational Field Work.

Body as Resource: In response to our current culture that can tend towards disconnection and speed, I am motivated to share simple and effective tools that allow you to return to and inhabit your body with a greater sense of presence, resource and self agency.

Body as Guide: I am also curious about the process of emergence that occurs through the body, that can  inform and guide you as you navigate your unique path. I continue to develop enquiry processes through which this emergence can safely unfold.

Body as Consciousness: “I feel, therefore I am.” (Damasio). Remembering our relational interconnection with others, the space we inhabit and the world is an important part of this work.


Facilitation Experience:

I have been facilitating movement and co-creative enquiries within the community for 15 years. This has taken the form of yoga & movement based support groups for the general community, as well as specific groups for women with postnatal depression and other themed women’s groups.

In my one-to-one practice, I have worked with young adults in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and those in the community dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, bi-polar disorder, pelvic floor health and other structural and functional issues. I continue to do this through Yoga & Movement Therapy.


I developed a programme to support teachers in schools which focuses on nourishment through embodied relaxation, gentle movement and a safe space to share. More on this kind of work through my sister site: Circles of Support.

I have spent over a decade working with children of all ages in schools and developed a movement mentorship programme called ‘Girls Allowed’ for pre-teen girls to support them in transitioning times.



My work is creative and enquiry based, tailored to the needs of each group or individual. I draw heavily upon the principles of Authentic Movement as well as somatic movement, gentle yoga, voice work and relaxation. 

I began exploring yoga and meditation as a child, which led me to spend 5 years living in India and Thailand studying within yogic and mindfulness traditions. I am a qualified Yoga Therapist, specialising in yoga therapeutics for women as well as for mental health and wellbeing. I continue to utilise these tools in my one-to-one work through Yoga & Movement Therapy.

Alongside yoga practice flourished the intuitive world of my expressive body through dance and movement. I have been traversing the world of conscious dance for 18 years.

The inner impulses of my body are nourished by somatic practice, which continues to be a wonderful resource in my life and forms the main body of my current offerings. I have completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing through UCLAN and continue to receive mentoring in somatic practice.


I love to move in nature, as nature, and am deeply influenced by the natural world in how I approach movement as well as how embodiment can offer a resource for deepening our connection with and responsibility for our natural world. We are made of earth…and rain… and stardust.

Trainings and CPD’s:

Somatic Movement:

  • Authentic Movement: One to One and small group study with Fran Lavendel 
  • PG. Diploma ( with Distinction ) in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing through UCLAN. 
  • Ongoing Authentic Movement Peer Group
  • One-to-One Authentic Movement Mentoring with Eila Goldhahn
  • Fluid Development Series: Continuum Movement and BMC with Cherionna Menzam Sills.
  • Continuum Study with Cherionna Menzam Sills
  • Woman, Body, Earth & Spirit workshopInanna-Ereshkigal: Authentic Movement Retreat with Linda Hartley
  • The Four Daughters of Beauty: Earth & Water with Audica Lynne Morley
  • Body Centred Awareness with Patrice HamiltonAn exploration of Hakomi, Cortical Field Reeducation (a somatic movement based body work) and Gestalt. (month long intensive at Esalen Institute)
  • Hanna Somatics CPD with Eleanor Criswell Hanna
  • The Embodied Spirit: Dance Movement with Ellen Watson (month long intensive at Esalen Institute)
  • Over a decade of practice in Feldenkrais

Yoga / Yoga Therapy:

  • The Pelvic Floor: Keys to lifelong health with Leslie Howard
  • Yoga and Psyche with Mariana Caplan (a fusion of Yoga Therapy & Somatic Experiencing)
  • Diploma in Yoga Therapy: Yogacampus
  • Well Women Yoga Therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
  • Yoga Therapy with Aadil Palkhivala
  • Yoga Therapy trainings with Bo ForbesGateway to prana; Yoga – meditation in motion and stillness; Yoga for insomnia; Softening our armour; Neurobiology of the spine; Yoga for emotional Balance; Integrative Yoga Therapeutics.
  • Yoga for Children (Yoga Bees)
  • Diploma of Yoga Teaching & Yoga Nidra (1700 hour training)
  • Certificate in Yogic Studies and Gurukal Lifestyle (Bihar Yoga Bharati)
  • Over 700 hours of personal study with Bhooma Chaitanya, teacher of the Hatha & Advaita traditions.

CPD Psychotherapeutic Explorations:

  • In the world of the body: Working with Symptoms and Illness, A Process Work Seminar
  • Hakomi Multi-level training (2 days) with Caroline Braham
  • Foundations of becoming safely embodied with Deirdre Fay
  • The Transformative Power of Emotion with Dorothy CharlesGestalt Relational Psychotherapy, Group Process and Individual Work
  • Body Centred Awareness with Patrice Hamilton: An exploration of Hakomi, Cortical Field Reeducation (a somatic movement based body work) and Gestalt.
  • Introduction to Drama Therapy: The Sesame Institute


  • Hormone Harmony: Red School
  • Workshop with Chloe Goodchild
  • The Max with Paula Shaw at Esalen
  • NC Performing Arts: Edinburgh College
  • Certificates in Thai, Tibetan and Ayurvedic Massage.
  • Classical Western & Classical Indian Vocal Training


  • Many retreats in insight meditation and Advaita Vedanta with teachers such as Adyashanti, Marlies Cocheret, Jack Kornfield, S.N Goenka, Prajnaparamita and many years of mindfulness practice & retreats. 

Conscious Dance:

  • I began dancing 5 rhythms at the age of 19 and have explored many conscious dance forms since then.



Poem by Hayley Price (C)


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