Dear women and those who know women who may be interested,

Would you like to join us for our embodied enquiry group, Nurturance? Your questions answered below.

What is Nurturance?

Nurturance is an enquiry based series for women, focusing on soul nurturance through movement, relational connection and embodied relaxation.

What is the intention of Nurturance?

Nurturance seeks to cultivate and ground the inner resources that are available to us through our bodies in connection with ourselves, our relationship to others, the space we inhabit and as part of our animate Earth. 

It will offer space to slow down, digest and integrate what feels alive in the body, what needs to be seen. 

How will we do this?

Generally speaking, the sessions will seek to create a container through connection with self and inner experience, followed by group / relational enquiry.

We will do this through:

  • Embodied relaxation: a gently guided relaxation practice that can help soothe your nervous system through connection to body and breath.
  • Sharing: time to speak in to your present experience and share with others in circle.
  • Movement enquiry: drawing upon the principles of Authentic Movement and the work of Miranda Tufnell and Andrea Olson, we will use movement as a means to give expression to the present felt sense, to connect with others and allow us to more fully inhabit our bodies as both resource and guide. 
  • Reflective writing and mark making: to integrate our experience and aid enquiry. 

Is Nurturance really for me?

Nurturance is for you if you are looking to connect more deeply with yourself and others through your embodied experience in a safe and supportive environment and at a pace that allows for integration.

It will likely speak to you if there are parts of yourself that feel like they need to slow down to be heard. Nurturance will offer the space for this to happen, a haven away from the speed that can be modern life and an opportunity to ‘drop in’ more deeply and really listen. 

What size is the group?

I prefer to work with small groups to allow for intimacy and relationship building. We will be a minimum of 8 women and a maximum of 12, add one to include me.

Where is it?

Nurturance will take place in a beautiful and tranquil environment that supports our connection with the land. I will give more details as to the location upon booking and lift-share can be arranged with the other participants.  

When is it?

 Saturday Mornings: The Angel Hall, Bowden House, Totnes

Time: 9.15am-12.30pm

Do I need to join for the whole 9 months?

Yes please. Cultivating relationship is an important part of this series. I ask for a commitment to the 9 months with attendance at as many as you can make so we can develop a safe group container. The investment is the same, even if you have to miss one as your space will be filled and we will hold you in our awareness. Thank you.

What is the investment?

Information about the investment for this journey can be found here.

How about Covid Protocols?

Your safety and sense of safety is important. The space we will be working in is spacious and airy and ventilation is possible. Masks are optional and will always be your choice. We do sometimes work in partners or in triads or as a group. You are always free to decide how close is close enough for you in any given moment, and the space will always be guided with permission and invitation for you to connect with what is right for you and make choices from there.
Hand sanitiser is available at the venue and regular hand washing is recommended.

Anything else?

Yes! I recommend participants book some one-to-one sessions with me to support your development and integration throughout our journey together. This will enhance the experience for you as well as offer more time and space for what is alive for you personally. This could be a monthly session, between our meetings, or more regular if desired. This is optional.

Are you interested?

Be in touch! Your questions are welcome. 

You can contact me on:

You can read more about my work through my website:

All warm wishes,

Hayley x

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