Here, in this place of sweet sensing,
Of all that is and ever was
And will be,

I am.

I do not know the future,
And the past…
A near and distant

And, still,
I am.

An uncapturable moment
In and out of time…

Life’s eternal river
Flowing through my veins.
All that she births into
This body heart mind
To be felt.
To be beheld.
To be loved.

All that she takes with her
Into the dark shadows of death
To be recycled.
To be reborn.
To be integrated.

She flows endlessly.
All the many faces
Of myself,
She offers me
As medicine.

And, still,
I am.

Amidst the oscillation
Of thought, of feeling, of impulse,
I turn towards my heart
With treasurable tenderness.

Life is so precious, so intimate
So close….


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