We are Stardust

I was inspired by this video this morning and a poem popped out

We are Stardust.

 Inseparable from
The largest of the large,
The smallest of the small.
Made of the memories
Of galaxies,
Of wild rivers,
Of the Space between the walls
We sometimes build around ourselves… 

I am in the Universe and
The Universe is in me.
It is WE
It is You and Me,
Together: We

 It’s in all we see,
In all we smell,
In all we taste and touch

 In every vibration
That brings music to our ears
In every oscillation
In laughter, as in tears.

 There is nothing we are not.
There is no box by which
We can define

 The limitlessness of
our hearts
And of our minds.

 We. Are. Already. Free.

 And still, here I am
(A me amidst the We).

My own star amongst stars
Weaving threads
Through eternity.

 We are all made of each other,
Yet we also each behold,
Our own unique light,
Our own colour,
Our own story to be told.

 And like a choir
We come together,
And offer all we bring.
Uniting One to the Other
Through all the songs we each sing.

 In a moment of eternal silence,
I turn to meet your gaze,
Once more I am in awe
And my heart is set ablaze.

 For when we truly meet each other
Show up naked as we came
We can celebrate our differences
No need for judgement, blame or shame.

 And if you are not ready
I will meet you as you are,
For there is nothing you need to be,
For me,
You are your own perfect,
Bright and Shining Star.

 The walls around me crumble
As you see me as I am
And in seeing me
I see you…. 

 I am here with you.
I am here with you.
I am here with you.

 I am in the Universe and
The Universe is in me.
It is our diversity

 It is the way we sing
In and out of tune

 It is the way we flit
In and out of time

 It is the way we speak
In and out of Rhyme.

 It is in you and
It is in me.
It is We.
As we weave
Our threads
Through and into



Artwork: Lover, by Alex Grey

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