Dem Bones

I have recently returned from the second module of the MA in Dance and Somatics I am currently studying at the University of Lancashire. We have been exploring the  bones and how they relate to movement and I am returning inspired and nourished.

Dropping into the wisdom of my bones has offered me a sense of coming home to myself in physical form, a clarity that is fluid at its core.

Stomping, pushing, releasing into, moving from, sensing within, feeling from without, the bones have offered up some wisdom of our ancestral movement patterns as we evolved from boneless, fluidic fishy creature beings in the waters to bone filled, two leggeds and a lived on land. A deeply and continuously fascinating journey I am yet to articulate with fluency. Watch this space.

One of our tutors described the human experience of the body as ‘a sack that water created so it could experience life on land.’

Water makes up a huge part of our bodies and fluid even exists at the very core of the bones in the liquidity of the bone marrow where our blood cells are produced and from which they travel throughout our bodies.

Wherever awareness goes, energy flows. It is possible to contact these parts of our bodies and experience them through embodied anatomy and creative response through movement, art or whatever speaks to you.

This is an open and endless exploration. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to get to apart from this moment and what reveals itself within it.

It is amazing what is within the body, how the body can inform us of so much if we are willing to offer it space and to listen deeply. And one of the beautiful things is that we are all unique in our telling of the tales of our own experiences. We have a common bond through the very fact that we share this human experience and, at the same time, are all unique unto ourselves in how we experience it.

What’s the story in your bones?

Want to learn the language of the body more? Come along to classes 🙂

With love,

Hayley xx 

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