Tyninghame Waves

I went down to the beach at Tyninghame beach the other day and sat down by the waves. The rain was falling gently, it was cold and this is what came. Youtube link below with photo’s and voice…
I am not moved to move much
But by the inner rhythm of my breath
And the resonance of the sound within my body.
Soft belly
Warm heart
The song of the sea
Of Gentle waves
And a swelling tide
Moves me into a stillness inside
Where sound
And breath
And sea
Pulse together
Upon the waves

And, when I open my eyes
And I see you sea
Seeing me.
The beach is disappearing
The rain is softly falling
And you have almost taken me.

And I let your gentle waves
Lap up to the boundary of my skin
As I meet your be-holding of me.
I feel safe,
I feel at a wondrous ease.
I can feel the sea
Within me
Beholding from the inside

Why do I resist this?
But that is another story….

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