Somatic Yoga: Pulsing from the Heart

Sharing a little snippet from this mornings practice. 

A soft and fluid, whole body, movement sequence that centre’s around the heart. 

Supportive, self touch is encouraged to enhance connections throughout the body.
Breathe and move at your own pace, with the rhythm of breath that feels good, light and easeful for you. 
The same goes for your movement – allow it to be easeful – mind with matter as oppose to old school mind over matter. 
How is it to feel your way through the movements rather than think about what they ‘should’ look like?
The invitation is to be mindful of the experience as a whole, throughout the entire body, to be open and receptive to what may reveal itself to you through this sequence, rather than try to impose meaning upon it. 

Once you’ve got the hang of it you can switch off the video and make it entirely your own, in your own pace, rhythm, and movement style.


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