The “True Yoga”


I met someone today who said to me he thought the ‘true yoga’ was

To be found in India. 

As he spoke those words, something inside my body


Tightened and then softened into inquiry.


Hmmmmm, I thought,

I don’t know about that.

I have seen many a guru in India whom,

Despite their teaching being impressive,

Abuse their position of power and,

Therefore, they are not really living yoga….

greed of world

I have witnessed as much ignorance as well as grace and wisdom

In many countries of the world, 

In many cultures,

In many people…

In myself.

as above

Is this ‘true yoga’ confined to a feeling state –

One of peace, of bliss, of calm?

Is it confined to what is beautiful and good?

Or does it embrace all –

The life-death-life dance

We all dance?

tree of life and death

Is it limited to a set of steps and stages along a 

Fixed path to some distant goal

Called ‘enlightenment?’

There's Only One Way

Or is it something so close we

Miss it by looking so far?

hut-005 (1)

Could it be unlimited, ever emerging presence?

Plant-emerging-from-seed 600_1_619x

Can it be defined?

Does it even have to be called ‘Yoga’?


After some time, some movement, some 

Inquiry within,

I can only ponder that the

‘True Yoga’ is nowhere and

Everywhere all at once.


It is within me, 

In this very moment….

Wherever I am in the world.

And it is within you

In this very moment….

Wherever you are in the world.

It is within everything.

It is nowhere not….

mexican tree art

And this is not a conclusion.

The inquiry is ongoing…


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