Meeting me meeting you

It’s alright, my love,We don’t have to agree on everything…Surely we can still find The places where we can meet,The places where weRemember the humanity in each other. I won’t throw out the attributesOf love, of compassion, of kindness in you.Please don’t throw them out in meBecause we disagree. Look harder, can you still see them?I … More Meeting me meeting you

Body Listening

I’ve struggled with saying I practice ‘yoga’ for years now and yet, I still move in a way that could be called yoga almost every day! It’s been a huge journey – one of exploring the patriarchy, appropriation, throwing the baby out with the bath water and then learning to re-relate with it. More on that … More Body Listening

Embracing down

Here’s a wee poem I wrote a while ago… ‘We cannot reach for the sky in any meaningful way until we embrace the dark, moist mud of our Earthen selves.’… Strongly rooted, Our bellies breathe fully The air that fuels us. Our hands reach and Fingers spread like Branches stretching out. We touch the heavens. … More Embracing down

The incredible light

A movement offering  and poem to a moment I shared with the incredible light that touched the daffodils and crocuses. The incredible light There was something about the Light this morning That so piercingly illuminated the Crocuses and daffodils as they Burst into colour through the soil. My heart couldn’t bear it. She burst too. … More The incredible light

The community within me

Our next Nurturance group will be on exploring our cells: the communities that live within ourselves and how they connect us to our wider environment, and each other. Some thoughts and inspirations: ‘Cells don’t live in isolation. This simple fact offers a lesson about our lives: Living creatures are tender and vulnerable and only thrive … More The community within me

Rebirthing into Spring

I recently received an email about Spring time and the theme of rebirth that feels so present at this time of year. It inspired me to be in touch and to share some of my news. Óran is 17 months now and I have been feeling my creative wings yearning to take flight once more … More Rebirthing into Spring

Hello mama

It has been so very long since I sat to write…. And my time is preciously limited! Our little one sleeps, Resting next door. His sweet breath rises And falls. His innocent face an ocean of potential. Did I mention I am in Love? I am. I’ve known him for 10 months wombside And 8 … More Hello mama