Hello mama

It has been so very long since I sat to write…. And my time is preciously limited! Our little one sleeps, Resting next door. His sweet breath rises And falls. His innocent face an ocean of potential. Did I mention I am in Love? I am. I’ve known him for 10 months wombside And 8 … More Hello mama

Leaving Facebook

As I can feel the birthing of our baby draw closer, I have been contemplating how I can best serve myself, this little one and our family as I move through this transition and journey into mamahood. I have decided to deactivate my Facebook account for now. I have been feeling unsatisfied with the connections … More Leaving Facebook

Where in my body?

Where does my body call to be moved? In all these places; Neck, shoulders, hips, spine. Wave like Undulations. Erratic stomps and swings. Moments of pause, Of fluctuation, Awareness inwards, Awareness outwards. Curiosity, Clumsiness, Grace. Jaw, neck, shoulders, Arms, hands, Fingers. Forward, Backward. Reaching up and Back to Ground. Slow me down! Speed me up! … More Where in my body?

You are in me

I just rediscovered this song that I wrote a couple of years ago. My friend, Will Softmore, and I improvised with it one day back in 2014 and here is what emerged.  I had forgotten I had even written it!! I felt both sad and touched when I heard it. It reminded me that I … More You are in me

The “True Yoga”

I met someone today who said to me he thought the ‘true yoga’ was To be found in India.  As he spoke those words, something inside my body Tightened. Tightened and then softened into inquiry. Hmmmmm, I thought, I don’t know about that. I have seen many a guru in India whom, Despite their teaching … More The “True Yoga”

Baby, Moves Me.

It’s feeling deeply inside. It’s breathing. It’s in the allowing of my body to be… As it is. It’s in exploration and curiosity, It’s the open attentiveness with which I Trace the emerging movements. It’s the sounds and the gestures That flow. It’s the moments of Infinite Pause And The fluid undulations in my spine. … More Baby, Moves Me.