Emergent Movement


‘Willing to die, you give up your will; keep still until, moved by what moves all else, you move.’
Wendell Berry

When we allow the body to move from a place of intuitive knowing, it reveals to us the knowledge that is stored within our cells, in the fluids of our bodies, in muscle and bone. When we listen and respond consciously to the moment through movement, our creative impulses thaw and flow through us, each in our own unique expression of what is alive for us.

Emergent Movement is an opportunity to move in response to what is present both with and without music. It offers opportunity to explore relationship with self, other, the environment and spirit through gently guided somatic practices and space for intuitive movement. In this practice I draw upon the principles of Authentic Movement, allowing space for witnessing and moving, seeing and being seen.

Emergent Movement is a co-creative space with the common intention of returning over and over again to the present moment and allowing it to inform us, perhaps even surprise us.

I incorporate Emergent Movement into my workshops.