Hayley has been facilitating movement and co-creative enquiries within diverse communities for 17 years.

This has taken the form of movement based support groups for the general community, as well as specific groups for women.

In her one-to-one practice, she has worked with young adults in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and those in the community dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, bi-polar disorder, pelvic floor health and other structural and functional issues. She continues to do this through Movement Therapy.

In Scotland she developed a movement mentorship programme called ‘Girls Allowed’ for pre-teen girls to support them in transitioning times.

She is now based in Totnes, South Devon.


Hayley’s approach is creative and enquiry based, tailored to the needs of each group or individual. She draws heavily upon the principles of Authentic Movement and the work of Miranda Tufnell, Andrea Olsen and Emily Conrad, as well as other somatic movement modalities, gentle yoga, voice work and embodied relaxation. 

Hayley is a qualified trauma sensitive Yoga Therapist, specialising in yoga therapeutics for women as well as for mental health and wellbeing. She continues to utilise these tools in her one-to-one work through Movement Therapy.

Hayley began exploring yoga and meditation as a child, which led her to spend 5 years living in India and Thailand studying within yogic and mindfulness traditions.

Alongside yoga practice flourishes the intuitive world of her expressive body through dance and somatic movement. Hayley has been traversing the world of conscious dance and somatics for 18 years.

 She has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing through UCLAN and continues to receive mentoring in somatic practice.

Hayley loves to move in nature, as nature, and is deeply influenced by the natural world in how she approaches movement as well as how embodiment can offer a resource for deepening our interconnection with our natural world. 

Her practice is rooted in an understanding that body and earth are made of the same stuff. We are part of this living system that is inclusive of our humanity. Living this has implications on the ethics of her practice, which are committed to the health of our planet.

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