The Somatic Voice

Welcome to The Somatic Voice

The Somatic Voice is a method of Self inquiry using the voice and the Feeling tones  in the body to pierce more deeply into a state of presence.

Through touching into the unconditioned voice and body rhythms we can learn to stay with emotions, thoughts and feelings without agenda. In this way we can allow the  consistently fluctuating patterns of nature to flow through us without becoming overwhelmed by them. We can both dance with life’s unceasing pulsation, at the same time as stating connected with that which remains still within us.

The Somatic Voice integrates the ancient and modern day wisdom teachings of the East and West in a way that is easy to understand and integrate into modern life. It brings together voice work, intuitive movement and yogic practices and may include both individual and group activities to allow us to drop into presence not only with ourselves, but with each other.

This method is for those who have a genuine intention to live with greater intimacy with themselves, with community, with life.


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