Relational Field Work

‘How can I honour the reality of my own feeling without ignoring the reality of others, how I can be open to those of others without over-adapting or over-asserting myself?’
Mary Starks Whitehouse

To me, this is a really important part of the enquiries I share.

Without relationship, we would not exist. We relate in some way to everything.

Relational Field Work is much to do with deep listening. We cultivate the skill of resting in presence within ourselves while engaging in relationship with others.

This practice is a journey of emergence and can help us forge more meaningful and intimate relationships in our day to day lives.

In this work, practice may take the form of sharing circles or group / partner relational enquiries.


It can be easy to avoid our shadow when we isolate ourselves from others. Through coming into relationship and consciously practicing relating in a healthy, integrated way – with ourselves and with others – we can develop the capacity to behold ourselves and each other in a more holistic, compassionate and realistic way.