Healthy Relating

To me, this is a really important part of the inquiry’s I share.

Without relationship, we would not exist. We relate in some way to everything!

Healthy relating has so much to do with deeply listening. We cultivate the skill of offering our presence to ourselves and others, listening deeply without agenda. This practice is a journey of emergence and can help us forge more meaningful and intimate relationships in our day to day lives.

In this work, practice may take the form of sharing circles or group / partner relational inquiries.


Through my own journey I have learned a lot about healthy relating through unhealthy relating. I have come up against walls and met parts of myself I didn’t like and, over and over again, I learn that fighting those parts doesn’t work – it’s only through fully accepting every aspect of my being and really getting to know myself, that the foundation for transmutation can take place…

It can be easy to avoid our shadows and issues when we isolate ourselves from others. Through coming into relationship and consciously practicing relating in a healthy, integrated way – to ourselves and others – we can develop the capacity to behold ourselves and each other in a more holistic, compassionate and realistic way.