Mother Space

Collaborative Somatic Therapy sessions to meet you in your journey of mothering.

When I became a mother the earth beneath my feet shifted, calling into question much of what I thought I knew about myself.

At a time when I most needed support, I experienced a sense of being isolated from the rest of society as I struggled to navigate sleep deprivation and managing the large emotions of a sensitive child.

Surprisingly, an overwhelming sense of shame came over me. This was all new to me and childhood trauma was being triggered from a few different angles. I found myself wanting to shrink and hide amidst those I would have ordinarily considered my peers and colleagues.

It took me a while to realise that many of the struggles I have faced (so far) as a mother stem from systemic issues present in culture and the resulting lack of support for mothers. It truly ought to take a village to raise a child, as the saying goes.

I am one of the lucky ones. I have spent much of my life building inner resources, training in somatic practice and finding the jewels through experiences of descent. The journey is not easy yet, I don’t know where I would be without these resources.

Motherhood has filled me with a love and respect for all mothers along with an understanding that I couldn’t have fully grasped before I became a mother myself.

Supporting mothers needs to be placed at the heart of culture, alongside children. The impact of a well nourished mother seeps through into everything and, literally, feeds the next generation.

Culturally we are a long way off from this being a lived reality. However, the small steps towards this can begin here.

A great portion of my work is now dedicated to supporting mothers. I will be increasing my offerings over time as space opens up in my own life.

For now, I am offering one-to-one collaborative somatic therapy sessions for mothers. I am open to exploring sessions with mothers who have babes in arms (pre-crawlers) present in the space, as well as those with older children who can be left with a carer.

If you are a mother and are yearning for space to:

  • feel seen & heard
  • process challenging emotions
  • reconnect with your body
  • work with your birthing story
  • cultivate inner resources