Are you a woman, of any age over 21, with a curiosity about exploring embodiment and belonging?

Perhaps you are a mother who would like to carve out some accessible time to nourish and reconnect with yourself.

Maybe you are a facilitator, therapist or healer who holds space for others and would like to feel held in your own embodied process and connect with a group.

Or perhaps you have some space in your life that you would like to fill with meaningful enquiry and connection.

Whether you are curious about embodied practice or are a seasoned somanaut, Nurturance can serve to meet you where you are and deeply root you in a lived sense of connection with your own body in relationship with all life.

Nurturance is a closed group for women which meets, in person, one Saturday morning per month between September 2022 and June 2023, near Totnes. The group supports participants to uncover the body’s innate faculties of support and to orient the body’s compass toward a healthy, regulated state.

Nurturance is an enquiry based series for women, focusing on soul nurturance through movement, relational connection and embodied relaxation.

This series is about deep embodied listening, nurturing our souls and remembering our innate connection with the living wisdom of our bodies. The invitation is to bring that living wisdom to life.

In this Series we will explore ways to:

  • Orient to health and wholeness
  • Tend to the present felt sense
  • Compassionately welcome and integrate marginalised parts of yourself if they arise
  • Cultivate connection with yourself, others and the environment you inhabit
  • Attune to your body’s own natural rhythms and innate faculties of support
  • Develop healthy relationship with your body
  • Tap into your creative potential through your body

I draw upon the work of Miranda Tufnell, Andrea Olson, the principles of Authentic Movement, as well as other relational embodied practice, reflective writing & mark making and embodied relaxation. All these as tools to cultivate connection with ourselves, each other and our place as part of this animate Earth.

The group will be limited to 10 participants and is a closed group, so we can build relationship throughout our time together.

There are 9 sessions in total. We will meet one Saturday morning a month between 9.15am-12.30pm for the first 8 sessions, with our final session, in June, being from 10-4.30pm.

The group is open to all women of all ages from 21 upwards.

Mornings: September 10th, October 15th, November 12th, December 3rd, January 21st, February 25th, April 1st, May 6th
Full day: June 3rd 2023

Location: The Angel Hall, Bowden House, Totnes

I recommend participants book some one-to-one sessions with me to support your development and integration throughout our journey together. This will enhance the experience for you as well as offer more time and space to process what is alive for you. This could be a monthly session, between our meetings, or more regular if desired. This is optional and recommended.

What previous participants say:

I felt seen and honoured as a human and woman being. I found the rhythm very supportive for my being. I felt Hayley’s support and care in each practice. It was grounded, gentle, supportive and truthful. I felt met, seen and heard.

Nina Nousiainan

I found Hayley a delight; comforting and supportive when running our group. It was as though we were all one and one person’s difficulties belonged to all of us. I remember that , at one point, when I was overwhelmed by an emotional trauma, that the members of our group moved close to me and it felt very healing.

Petra Kerridge

Nurturance helped me to move from my heart. It helped me to learn to listen to my body and be witnessed in a safe space. Hayley creates a nurturing space and holds it with skill and care as she facilitates and helps participants to tap into the intuitive knowing and movement in their bodies. I would recommend the course to anyone who would like to learn to move more intuitively.”

Elle Franklin

Do you have questions about Nurturance?
Click HERE for some more information about our group or

Investment: £435*
(non refundable deposit of £135 paid at time of booking)

Early bird: £395 (when paid in full by July 15th)

Instalments: 3 instalments of £100 (after deposit is paid), over 3 months.

*I hope to make my events financially accessible while still valuing my work. If you would really like to come but feel unable to afford it, please be in touch and we can discuss what may be possible. Please be honest and realistic about this.

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