Rest & Rise

Three low-cost sessions between November 2022 and February 2023

The Rest & Rise sessions are an opportunity for you to come and try this work.
They will offer you nuggets of support, nourishment and resource through the wintery months.

As the skies darken, the pulse of the landscape beats slower.
Our bodies, part of this landscape and in resonance with the life-death-life cycles of the Earth, can feel the urge to slow down too.

Sessions will integrate eco-somatic movement, embodied relaxation and group practice. They will explore embodied ways to remember yourself as part of a living landscape and connect with the natural world through your body.

If you are looking for an opportunity to explore embodiment and belonging but don’t have the time or resources to commit to something long-term, then these sessions may have some nuggets for you to take-away and apply in your every day life.

These sessions are open to all humans over the age of 21 and take place at the Angel Hall, Bowden House, Totnes.

What to expect:

  • a guided embodied relaxation session with a gentle somatic movement exploration that elicits the innate wisdom of your body and celebrates it in connection with all life. 
  • To tap into the resourcing potential within your body, alongside practice that nourishes and restores. 
  • Space for sharing and collaborative somatic practice within the group.
  • To honour transitions and integration time. 


Saturdays: 09.30-12.30
November 12th (full)
December 17th (full)
February 4th (space)
(see below for more detail on the theme of each session)

You can book in to as many of these sessions as you like: One, two or all three.

Spaces will be limited so booking in advance is essential.

Investment: Sliding scale: £13-£27 / session.
OR: £39-£75 for all three (when booked together). Payment secures your space. *

Session 1: By breath, the leaves fall to the earth.

November 12th fully booked.
Still space in December & February

Autumn is in full fall. Bright skies and crunching leaves of red, brown and gold decorate the earth as she prepares for her winter’s rest.

In this session we will explore the resourcing potential of connecting with the ground through our bones and breath. Expect to remember your roots, to feel yourself in relationship with the Earth and to tap into the mycelia that connects you with all life.

Session 2: Slow, dark and dreaming.

December 17th fully booked.
Still space in February

As we near the winter solstice and the Earth exhales into a slower pulse, how do we embrace these shifts within our animal bodies and allow time for the dreaming?

This session explores how we orient to rest, support and nourishment. Drawing upon the fluid support of cellular presence and exploring themes around embodied support, individually and with other group members.

Session 3: Resting, Sensing, Impulse, Action

February 4th

This session is close to the calendar Imbolc, a time when we sense the first whisperings of Spring. We will explore how we can more deeply attune to our sensations and where our inner impulses arise from that lead us into authentic action.

This session will integrate Embodied relaxation, a gentle somatic movement exploration and Authentic Movement.

* A note around payment and this sliding scale. I really want to make events accessible for you. I also need them to be sustainable for me. I am charging less than I ordinarily would for a session of this sort. My hope is that those who can will offer more and that those who can’t are able to pay what they can afford. My request is that you be honest and realistic about this. I would really like you to come.