I feel I have learnt so much from you, in such a short space of time. THANK YOU for all that you’ve given in the classes and helped me to experience. It has made me feel hopeful and full of wonder which is no mean feat after a few very dark years.
I can tell you that I only went to 2 classes but I remember them so often in my daily life! You have tough me to listen carefully to my body and to notice every single muscle, movement and much more.

I first went to Hayleys vinyasa flow/ asana class 3 years ago. I felt that something was different about this class – I’d not been to a class quite like it before. Hayley creates a space where kindness, gentleness and patience with yourself are the norm, you learn to enquire and pay attention to yourself from this place. Hayley’s style of teaching has helped me to cultivate independence and confidence in my own practice – Hayley’s classes are full of practical tips and throughout the class she encourages you to do the practice which feels right for your body

Hayley’s yoga nidra and meditation classes are led in a similar atmosphere of gentleness, patience and kindness and for me this has led to acceptance. Hayley’s classes are full of practical tips which seem to embed themselves in your subconscious and pop up when you need them! I can’t count the number of times these have helped me during meditation and when sitting long courses. Another amazing thing is how relevant the teaching is in the moment it is given and how it resonates with such a mixture of people and experience.
James Warwick
Hayley’s teaching is wonderfully inspiring and motivating. The balanced combination of asana, breathwork, meditation and chanting during class was something I looked forward to each week. I felt like each class was a respite from the day, but at the same time I learned so much to take with me back into everyday life. I can only say, thank you, Hayley, from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me so much!
Mandy Gauld

Recently an Occupational Therapy colleague helped me appreciate the influence my practice with you has had. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it to you before but I work for the NHS in pain management and helping people sit with or ‘accept’ their pain is often something I find myself assisting with. I also help with our pain management programme and in this we introduce group members to mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. At the start of every session we do a 3 minute breathing space and I sometimes step in to cover for a Psychologist colleague when she can’t do her programme. A couple of weeks ago my OT colleague was telling me how she uses mindfulness of the breath when her head is busy at night time and she can’t sleep. She said she would say to herself ‘remember what Kim says’ and I was initially flattered that she had embodied my version of the practice rather than my (more senior!) colleague. I found myself thinking about it more afterwards and the differences that come from just talking about/teaching and actually practicing/doing. My colleague’s comment almost immediately connected me to my own practice with you and the experiences I’ve had some Sundays trying to just sit with difficult thoughts, emotions and sensations. That has been a big challenge at times and I see it as something valuable to continue to visit and re-visit at work but also personally. I’m very grateful for your guidance and support (which you maybe didn’t even know you were giving!) at a difficult time at the beginning of this year and for the atmosphere you’ve created in class. It means a lot that I might be sharing some of that and those lessons with others myself.
Kim Kemp

I first attended Hayley’s yoga nidra and meditation class simply looking for some quiet time and a bit of grounding. I got this, in bundles, but also found something much more affecting and valuable, which reaches far beyond the hour each week in the room. A means of balancing and accepting ourselves that I think we all need more and more in an increasingly busy and warped world. Hayley is a wonderful teacher, with a unique ability to read a room, say just what needs to be said and help everyone to take their practice where they can. I would recommend the class to everyone!
Amy Rawlins

“Hayley has brought her whole life into the kirtan, it is her calling and in response
i have felt empowered to sing back stronger and clearer than ever before. Ram Ram Ram!
The space has been held with honesty, integrity and quite often an anecdote and a giggle..
The silence we have reached in between kirtans has been deep, clear and renewing.
Delicious singing meditation…”
Rosie Balyuzi

Having great teachers throughout your journey is such a wonderful blessing. Hayley you have not only been a fabulous teacher in my life, but an amazing friend too. I always leave your classes feeling rejuvenated, content, and ready to face the world with my head held high. Your presence brings me inner joy, a peaceful state of mind, hence why I embraced the opportunities to attend whatever classes/workshops/retreats you had going. Yoga and your vision of how you see yoga translates in your classes, so beautifully. I pray you will continue to develop spiritually. I am going to miss you, know that whenever I practice yoga, I will think of you.
Shereen Gacem
It has been nearly a year since I left Edinburgh and the wonderful warmth of your classes, but I still think fondly of them and feel so lucky to have stumbled into them. In my nearly 10 years of yoga it’s not often that I come across such inspiring teachers with such a great wealth of knowledge!
Kathryn Lichti-Harriman

‘A wonderful way to give some time to yourself. The way this class works takes over your whole mind, focusing it in the present, great if you have times when you have poor concentration. Each class leaves me feeling more at ease with myself in my mind, peaceful and refreshed. With this style of Yoga you are stretched and challenged on all levels, adjusting instructions according to your own capability. A great all rounder for strengthening the body and soul.’
Shirley Loughrin

‘Since I started practising yoga I have felt as if I am a much more
relaxed and peaceful person. I have felt more at one as a person. My
flexibility has also improved somewhat and I really enjoy
embracing the new challenges presented by my weekly class. Hayley is a
wonderful, inspirational teacher and allows us to take the practice and
principles of yoga and interpret them in our own way, however spiritual
we are. She always comes to class with a smile on her face, despite the
unpredictable Scottish climate! I would recommend yoga and classes with
Hayley to anyone and everyone who would like to meet lots of new people,
get a positive boost in their life and enjoy exercise with a twist.’

‘I love yoga because it allows me to be at one with my body and mind. I feel I can truly let go and relax whilst strengthening my body.’
Rachel Anderson