Voice is another wonderful resourcing tool, available to us and able to be felt within our bodies.

We use the voice as both a contemplative exploration of our inner world and as an expressive modality through which to connect with each other.

Song is a beautiful way to connect. Singing in round and harmony has the power to touch deeply into our hearts and culture our sense of belonging. I love to use song in my work! There is no requirement to have a background in singing for this. It is simply about connection and being together.

We will also use the voice and the feeling tones in the body to pierce more deeply into a state of embodied presence. Through touching into the unconditioned voice and body rhythms we can learn to stay with emotions, thoughts and feelings without agenda. In this way we can allow the consistently fluctuating patterns of nature to flow through us without becoming overwhelmed by them. We can both dance with life’s unceasing pulsation, at the same time as staying connected with that which remains still within us.



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